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Allergy Testing
Nutrition Supplements

You are what you eat! Carried out by a team of internationally trained practitioners our nutritional therapy incorporates the philosophy of ancient medicine but is grounded in modern evidence based practice. A rapidly growing body of evidence now relates aspects of diet to a diminished risk of ill-health. There is also a great deal of evidence which demonstrates the use of individual and combinations of nutrients in the effective management of many health conditions. The team focus on and identifying the nutritional and functional aspects of ill-health and use combinations of diet, herbs and supplements to correct nutritional imbalances and functional impairment.

Nutritional Analysis, effective for;

Chronic Fatigue
Irritable bowel syndrome Depression Digestive problems Weight
Skin conditions
Hormonal problems
Migraine Parasitic
Fungal Infections
Chronic degenerative diseases

Allergy Food Testing

Allergy testing for common food allergens including, wheat, gluten, dairy

Live Cell Analysis

Identifies nutritional and digestive performance through microscopic analysis with clients. Based upon your live blood observations the practitioner will recommend specific protocols to cleanse and rejuvenate your blood by altering the underlying biological terrain, which may include herbs, natural supplements and detoxification protocols as well as straight forward dietary suggestions.

Toxicity Testing

Testing and treatments for removal of toxins from the body including heavy metals.


Nutritional based body cleansing programme, with personalised plans, support and where required nutritional supplementation.

Fertility Planning

This therapy for men and women helps couples, by modifying diets and lifestyle to optimise the chances of a successful conception.

Nutritional Supplements

In this 21st Century we no longer receive the optimum levels of nutrition we need to drive off the ravages of ageing. HB Heath provides an extensive range of nutritional supplements for total internal and external support.