Dr. Fouad I. Ghaly MD FCCP

Dr. Fouad I. Ghaly’s medical career began in his native Egypt, where he graduated from the University of Alexandria Medical School. His choice to enter the demanding discipline of cardiovascular anesthesiology led him to residencies at several hospitals in Canada and at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland. Dr. Ghaly enjoyed great success at hospitals and medical centers in North Dakota and Washington state before settling in Southern California in 1985. He spent seven years as Medical Director of the Department of Anesthesiology at Long Beach Community Hospital and three years on staff at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. In his spare time, Dr. Ghaly enjoyed an athletic life filled with deep sea diving, swimming and skiing, winning medals in various competitions in the latter two sports. He embarked upon a second marriage and watched his son from his first marriage grow into manhood. Dr. Ghaly’s life seemed to be right on course until one day in 1995 when he suffered a heart attack. Fortunately, his excellent physical conditioning and his willingness to use vitamins, holistic stress management techniques, sound nutrition and exercise helped him recover fully. Grateful for this recovery, Dr. Ghaly could not speak highly enough of the anti-aging methods that had helped him come back from a serious medical episode. He and his new wife planned a family and he thought of the children they would have and his great desire to see them grow into adulthood. And so, when it was time to go back to work, he made a decision to “practice what I preach.” Instead of returning to the world of the operating room, Dr. Ghaly, once so dedicated to crisis intervention healing, became a convert to the concept of anti-aging as a medical discipline.

“The heart attack was my wake-up call,” he admits frankly from his offices in Beverly Hills. “I wanted to practice medicine in a way that would help others avoid the kinds of medical crises I saw in the operating room on a daily basis. I wanted to help others avoid what I couldn’t -- a heart attack. I became an anti-aging physician to educate and guide patients who want to learn how to live younger longer, instead of living old longer.”

Today, five years after the heart attack that changed his life, Dr. Ghaly has a thriving anti-aging practice. Every day, he helps his patients receive, as he has, the gift of living a longer and healthier life. And every night, when he arrives home, there is another gift waiting -- an enthusiastic and joyous welcome from his two year old twins.