Deborah Marshall-Warren PGCE, Dip. Hyp. FHS (Emeritus), FRSPH.

Deborah is a Consultant Hypnotherapist working with an international clientele. She is an Emeritus Fellow and Deputy Chair of the Hypnotherapy Society. Since Whole-Being Hypnotherapy began in September 1995, Deborah's work has featured in the national press, magazines, radio, and television. Deborah is the author of the Mind Detox book and audiotape published by Thorsons, as well as I'm Afraid of Hypnosis, But I Don't Know Why, and A Consultancy in the Sun! books published by Whole-Being Books.

Today she is a bi-annual visiting Consultant Hypno-therapist to Chiva-Som International Health Resort, in Thai-land. She has been a visiting consultant in Athens, and now practises and teaches in both Malta and the UK. Deborah now works exclusively at HB Health whilst in the UK, offering you her own unique style of interactive mind communication. She offers one-to-one private consultations to transform thoughts, fears, blocks and personal situations in all walks of modern city life.

"Interactive hypnotherapy is a fast-track way to access your inner personal coach, and to install personally designed mental labels, which honour who you truly are in your life, right now. You can let go of a sense of 'emotional weight' that may be hampering you from losing physical weight, and begin to experience a sense of physical and emotional lightness that liberates and frees you to feel really comfortable in your life. Interactive hypnotherapy flicks your switches, enabling an inner light to radiate throughout your whole being. You discover yourself anew in a positive, constructive, and healthy way."

As one client recently observed, interactive hypnotherapy "gives you a palette of ideas that you can work on that is constructive. "