ToningAs you age certain muscles groups are used less frequently. This reduction in use particularly effects the face and some body parts encouraging them to droop and sag resulting in less contour definition. Also with ageing water and body fat accumulates in unwanted areas.

The body toning system is non surgical, which means not only is it painless it safe and leaves no blemishes.

The system adopted as the system of choice is the CACI system. Small electrical impulses are passed through the area of tissue requiring stimulation. The very low current stimulates skin cells and muscles into action to effectively have a mini work out.

The final result is tighter skin, improving the lift and definition around the body. The same process also helps to agitate body fat and moisture such as cellulite. This agitation allows it to be broken up then absorbed by the body as part of a natural process.

The duration of a session normally lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. As the process requires re-training of the muscles, best results are normally achieved with a series of up to 12 treatments.