Many men and women, have insecurities about the colour of their anus. Regardless to what you read on the internet, darkening around the anus is not always because of poor hygiene. The area around the anus, is thinner in density and thus like your under-eye region, it darkens quicker than the areas around. Your age, lifestyle, genetics, hormonal changes and skin type, also play a large role in the darkness of the anus.

To achieve a more uniform colour around the Anus, HB Health of Knightsbridge provide an innovative treatment; Anal Bleaching using a revolutionary technique – a minimally invasive laser treatment.

The procedure
The procedure takes place using latest-generation laser technology following a consultation and it will be performed using only local anaesthesia. A few sessions are usually required and every session is usually completed in just 10-15 minutes.

Using the laser, the melanin layer present in the sensitive area is removed and thus the source of the undesirable colouring is permanently treated.

Is it painful?
No, there is no need for incision and the area will be made numb with a cream using local anaesthesia. The use of an advanced Double Wave Laser aims to provide excellent cosmetic results, without any scars or bruising.

Post procedure what happens?
After the procedure, special care should be given to hygiene in the area, and it is recommended that the first sexual intercourse take place no earlier than 7 days from the procedure.