Dr Minoo one of the leading female GP’s in the UK. In practice from 1988, she is widely experienced and has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise across the medical field.
Dr Minoo is a specialist in the aesthetic alterations of the intimate regions of both men and women. We are leaders in our field and thus, we like to push the boundaries in anti-aging, in ALL areas of the face and body. Using incredibly ground breaking innovative technology at HB Health, we are able to carry out the very best anal bleaching and vaginal tightening that has quick results and are long lasting.

Services offered: All areas of general practice which includes diagnosis, treatment and referrals and investigations. – first consultation cost £150 and £80 thereafter

All forms of contraception including pills, injections, implants and coils. £150 for consultation and extra £100 for coils and implant and £50 for pills and injections

Menopause and female health including a revolutionary laser therapy for rejuvenation of the female organs and improvement of incontinence and pain particularly during intercourse known as MONA LISA TOUCH. £150 for consultation to be deducted if treatment done Only 3 treatments required 4 weeks apart which are painless and completed in only a few minutes with no downtime. Special discount if all 3 booked together for £2500, or £1000 per session

 Smears and breast checks. – £150

Sexual health screening and treatment for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, herpes, syphilis.- price depends on tests done

Mole scanning and checks.£150

Blood and urine tests.- depends on tests done

Ear wax removal.- £100

Well woman and well man checks. £150 for consultation and tests extra depending on what is done

Antiwrinkle  treatment. Range from £100-£300

Weight loss management.- initial consultation £150