Full Vaginal Rejuvenation

HB Health of London, understand the insecurities and problems many women face, often alone, about their vaginas.  From internal to external elements, the vagina is an important component of the female anatomy both in terms of its general functioning and the vaginas aesthetic value.  In order to help the restructure of the vagina, both internally and externally, HB Health of Knightsbridge have included a full Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment for women to be happy from all angles with their vaginas.

Vaginal Rejuvenation is a combination of surgical procedures which aim to tighten both the internal vaginal muscles and the perineum to help improve overall tone, strength and control enhancing your sensitivity and sexual experience. In conjunction with this, it deals with the aesthetics of the external labia to neaten up and improve its appearance as this area is commonly stretched during a natural childbirth birth.

Many women undergo Full vaginal rejuvenation because of:

  • A pelvic floor disorder (PFD)
  • Bladder and bowel problems
  • Vagina prolapse after a hysterectomy
  • Tears in vagina connective tissues
  • Weakened pelvic
  • Issues after Childbirth

The procedure

Vaginal Rejuvenation is a non-invasive surgery.  An instrument attached is a laser in inserted into the vagina. This stimulates collagen production, as well as increasing fluid production by enhancing blood flow.

Post Procedure

Most patients are cautiously up and about the afternoon of their surgery day as the anesthesia wears off. During the first 24-48 hours after surgery, patients should place ice packs or frozen peas on their incisions to minimize swelling and bruising. Routine tasks are encouraged as long as there is no irritation or pressure at the incision sites and heavy lifting must be avoided. Loose clothing and cotton underwear “granny panties” are mandatory. By 72 hours you may resume regular activities, making sure there is minimal friction to the incisions. Patients may drive after 2 days as long as they are not taking narcotics. Patients may return to work within 4 days as long as rigorous physical activity is avoided, although a week off is ideal. During the 6 week recovery, patients are on pelvic rest (no intercourse or tampons) and should avoid bath tubs/hot tubs or swimming in the lake or ocean. Rigorous exercise, cycling, horseback riding, jet skis, motorcycles and four wheelers should be avoided during the recovery period