Harmony XL Pro, available at HB Health Group, is one of the most effective and latest methods for removing unwanted tattoos. It is effective on different types of tattoos (both professional and amateur), even large, full colour ones. Dependent on the size of the tattoo(s) it will range between 6 to 12 treatments.
Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe & Effective & How Does It Work?
Tattoo ink particles are too large to be expelled naturally by the body. So although tattoos may fade over time, the only truly effective way to remove a tattoo is via a treatment lie the Harmony lsser. The treatment works by using high intensity light beams to shatter the large ink particles into tiny particles which the body’s immune system can then remove. Meaning, the tattoo gradually starts to fade then disappear altogether. Due to the tattoo ink selectively absorbing the laser energy, the surrounding skin does not become harmed or overheated.
The Harmony XL Pro is a Q-switched laser. This means that laser light is delivered in nano-seconds and is regarded as the gold standard amongst dermatologists.