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Could it be true smudge proof, budge proof, and hassle-free makeup? Yes, it exists via cosmetic tattooing, which is available at HB Health Knightsbridge.

Semi-permanent make up, also known as cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry, and understandably too. In this era, new make up releases, brands and ‘new’ formulations make it hard for us to even understand what is best for us. However, one thing is paramount, we all want make up which stays put all day, intact!

After been introduced via our western sister (USA), cosmetic tattooing, is gaining rapid interest from men and women of all ages in the UK. Cosmetic tattooing, in the beauty industry, first hit our shores as a means to achieve the ‘perfect’ brow. Thicker, more arched brows, were now achievable, even for those who had little or no natural brows themselves. Sounds like a dream come true, right? This is what caught my eye about cosmetic tattooing initially too, as a means for me to have my brows on point all day, from the moment I wake up.

However, now, cosmetic tattooing has upped the ante, and can be used for a number of beauty solutions that will help you achieve the ‘no makeup’, ‘makeup look’ all day or night. A make up trend which has been HOT for a while and will be on trend for time to come. Think Victoria Beckham, Kim K and Kate Middleton girls and boys.

Cosmetic tattooing can also be used to achieve; the perfect shaped eyes via the application of semi-permanent eyeliner, which obviously means that you can say bye bye to panda eyes at the end of the day when your liner has been smudged. Not a good look! Cosmetic tattooing can also give you the eyelashes that you had always dreamed of without the constant battle of applying layers of mascara or false lashes.  No, cosmetic tattooing does not add in lashes or extend your exiting lashes. Instead, a fine line is tattooed behind the lash line to make the eyelashes appear to be more prominent and a lot thicker. Isn’t it amazing how the application of the right shading and lines can help you achieve the appearance of beautiful lashes that even Marilyn Monroe would be jealous of.

As well as eyebrows, cosmetic tattooing can be used to help you achieve, larger, more defined lips. Great for ladies and gents who want to shy away from the more traditional means of achieving bigger lips via collagen injections. Personally, we love this look, through cosmetic tabooing!  As cosmetic tattooing around the lip area, just creates a beautiful symmetry to the face that collagen injections fail on many occasions to do.  Also, on ‘makeup’ free days you can still have the perfect lip shape, without the need to grab your glosses, lipsticks or liners.

How is it done?

Cosmetic tattooing is a state of the art procedure which involves implanting hypo-allergenic pigments under the superficial layers of the skin. Using a small sterile micro-needle, the natural pigments are inserted between the dermis and epidermis layers, creating a lasting cosmetic effect.

How long will it last?

Semi-Permanent Make-Up will normally require 2 treatments, spaced about a month apart to be considered complete and can last for up to 2-6 years depending on a number of factors such as individual skin colour and tone, age and amount of time spent in the sun.

What to expect

A patch test is done to find out if you are likely to have an allergic reaction to the pigment that will be used. You choose the colours you want. The technician then sketches the area to be tattooed with a sterile surgical pen. A topical anaesthetic gel is then applied to the area.

Using a hollow vibrating needle, the technician applies the pigment into the top layer of the skin. Each time the needle penetrates the skin, a droplet of pigment is released into the hole made by the needle.

In a nutshell

Cosmetic tattooing can be a truly life changing treatment, by freeing up large amounts of time, usually spent daily applying and re-applying make-up. The best thing I find with cosmetic tattooing, is the ability for ladies and gents to be more confident with themselves all day, every day.

Also, a confident, stronger looking you at first sight when you wake up, is a wonderful way to start the day in my opinion.

For further information on Cosmetic tattooing, contact us today and we will be happy to go into more detail on the treatment.

Signing off ladies and gents till next month. Love you all!

Sunny xx