Intimate Bleaching treatments in Knightsbridge

Discoloured vaginal and anal skin tissue can be caused by natural ageing, a bacterial infection, genetics, hormonal changes, or even after giving birth.

Our Knightsbridge aesthetic clinic has highly-trained therapists who perform intimate bleaching treatments in London, and these skin lightening treatments are carried out using the innovative Mona Lisa Touch CO2 laser.

An initial consultation at our central London clinic will determine if a client can undergo this painless and non-surgical treatment, which can be performed the same day at our leading aesthetic clinic in Knightsbridge.

A local anaesthetic is applied and our therapist uses the innovative CO2 fractional laser on the required area, stimulating collagen production of the skin which brightens and lightens the skin tissues over time without scarring.

The recovery period for intimate bleaching is short and simple, but care should be taken for hygienic healing of the treated area. There is no downtime, but it is important to follow the post-procedure advice given.

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