Hair Removal

Soprano XL.
This revolutionary new module provides effective laser hair removal because it safely and gently heats the dermis to a temperature that damages the hair follicle and prevents re-growth.

Soprano XL SHR works in motion, with a sweeping technique that eliminates a common problem of missed or skipped spots. The comprehensive coverage means smooth legs, arms, backs and stomachs - without the pain.

The Soprano is safe and effective on all skin types, with a low risk of side effects.

"Because of the continuous wave technology, the Soprano is a much safer and predictable system. There is no doubt that continuous wave is the newest technology in [laser] diode hair removal."

At HB Health we achieve optimum and safe laser hair removal results because our practitioners are highly qualified, thoroughly experienced and have many years experience.

Because our practitioners are extraordinarily skilled, we deliver fast, precise, painless and impressively effective results.

Our laser hair removal practitioner offers an extensive consultation and thorough examination in order to fully understand the patient's skin and to determine the appropriate strength of treatment.

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