Hand chosen for their individual specialties, every member of our team is a highly trained professional.


Heather Bird

BA Hons, MBA
Founder & President of HB Health Clinics
Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Heather is the Founder and President of HB Health, which is leading the health care revolution in Europe. Heather seeks out cutting edge technology and doctors in the vanguard of anti-ageing and 21st century medicine from around the world, in order to make this knowledge and expertise available to her clients. As a leading healthcare and anti-ageing visionary, she is passionate about finding ways to make the life-enhancing medical breakthroughs of the new anti-ageing medical science, bio-technology and preventive health care available to as many people as possible. She organises and sponsors Anti-Ageing Conferences and Seminars, and lectures regularly worldwide. She is also Chairperson of the Anti-Ageing Conference London (AACL), and serves on the Board of Directors of the World Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (WAAAM), the European Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine (ESAAM), and the British Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine (BSAAM).

Maria Somers 

Dip Ed
Managing and Financial Director of HB Health Clinics

Maria comes to HB Health with a wealth of management experience. She has been Client Manager for an Accountants Firm, and actually ran the Accountacy firm in the absence of the Managing Director for 3 years while he was recovering from a serious illness. She has also been National Fund Co-ordinator for a small charity, and has run her own PR company as well as her own tennis coaching business.
Her interest in Well-being and Anti-ageing comes from research in Anti-ageing undertaken for a European client. She met Heather Bird when she attended the Paris Anti-Ageing Conference.

Medical Staff

Sergey A. Dzugan, MD, PhD is co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the Dzugan Institute of Restorative Medicine, Deerfield Beach, FL. Dr. Dzugan is a former heart surgeon. International Academy of Creative Endeavors (Russia) awarded Dr. Dzugan with the honorary title of Academician for outstanding contribution to the development of new methods of hypercholesterolemia andmigraine treatment. He performed 84 presentations at the prestigious International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and other Medical Conferences. He is the author of 166 publications in medical journals, author of 7 books, holder of 3 patents, and author of numerous articles (24) in health related magazines. Dr. Dzugan is a Member of the Editorial Board of the Neuroendocrinilogy Letters and a Member of the Medical Advisory Board at Life Extension Magazine. He is co-founder and President of iPOMS (International Physiology Optimization Medical Society).


Aesthetic Doctor
Expertise: Skin treatments, Dermal Fillers, Micro-Needling, Skin Peels, PRP, Anti-ageing botox, Fillers, Profileo, IV injections & B12 injections.

Dr Stevan is a Switzerland-based medical consultation and aesthetic doctor with many years’ experience, and who consults at our Knightsbridge clinic.

Dr Stevan has been practicing aesthetic surgery for more than 20 years and is a well-respected surgeon in high demand both in Europe and the UK. He speaks at international medical conferences.

He lives in Geneva, where he manages his own anti-ageing medical clinic and flies to HB Health every four weeks to provide expert aesthetic consultation and procedures.

Dr Stevan’s bookings are always taken quickly, and we highly recommend asking for him weeks in advance to ensure that one of his slots are available.

To book Dr Stevan for a consultation at our Knightsbridge aesthetic clinic, please contact us.

Brenda de Castro

B.Sc.N., RGN

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner 
Medical Director from 2001 to July 2007
Specialisation: Botox, Anti Wrinkle treatments

Brenda received her Registered General Nurse status from the Philippine Board of Nursing in 1991. This was followed by her Royal Nursing from the Nursing and Midwifery Commission (UK) and her membership at the Royal College of Nursing (UK) in 1994. Brenda has worked with well-known plastic surgeons and dermatologists around the world, including London, Paris and Monte Carlo. She has a specialist training in non-surgical treatments, with advanced training in dermal filler treatments. Treating patients for the past seven years, her professional competence and reputation has also resulted in appearances on television and high profile publications with her rejuvenating and anti-ageing non-surgical treatments, on an international scale including the U.K. and U.S.A.

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Specialisation: Hormonal Balancing & Nutrition

Following his double doctorates (medicine and pharmacology) Nyjon has worked as a general and naturopathic physician and has special interest and experience in complementary nutritional supportive treatments that promote well-being and recovery. He expanded his knowledge of complementary medicines by blending research, extensive training and clinical practice and has become well known for his treatment and product innovations in the field of complementary medicine and also for his research-based verification of non-conventional treatments.

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Dr Minoo


  • Mona Lisa Touch
  • GP Services

Read more about Dr Minoo


A highly experienced Trainer and Aesthetic Consultant in a wide range of clinical and aesthetic products including Medical Laser. Florina has a proven professional record for achieving the highest level of accreditation throughout all areas of the world. 
An accomplished trainer and one of Deka CO2 Laser specialist experts in the UK, she has trained Harley Street Specialists amongst her vast repertoire.
With almost 20 years of experience in setting up and running Aesthetic clinics across Europe, Caribbean and the UK, Florina is self-motivated, passionate with her work and always very customer focussed. 
Always looking ahead for the next generation of products and technology in her industry has lead Florina to be a successful pioneer in the world of Aesthetics.


Medical Qualifications: M.D, FRCS (Plast), MB BSBSc (1st Class Honours)

Rozina is a highly trained and experienced consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon and one of only  a handful of female plastic surgeons practicing in the UK aesthetic sector today. She has a specialist interest in all aspects of breast reconstruction and aesthetics.

Rozina graduated from St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School, University of London with first class BSc honours in anatomy alongside her medical degree. She went on to pursue postgraduate surgical training at several London teaching hospitals, as well as specialist units such as the Cranio-facial unit at Great Ormond Street and the Regional Burns Unit at St Andrew’s centre, Chelmsford.

In 2004, Rozina won the prestigious Kroll scholarship to study microvascular breast reconstruction in Belgium and in 2007 she was awarded an international microsurgery fellowship in Taiwan. Since that time she has enhanced her training with travels to Japan, Australia and China. Miss Ali has been awarded a British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) European scholarship and the Cutler’s Surgical Fellowship. She has published and presented extensively on microvascular surgery and reconstructive breast surgery both nationally and internationally.

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Dr Lylah

Dr Lylah has a great passion and finesse for bespoke non surgical cosmetic treatments, bringing a new confidence and as a result improvement and fullfilment to our clients lives on a daily basis. She Is renowned for her dedicated and meticulous skills within this field of medicine, particularly driven towards rejuvenation and augmentation of lips for younger and older clients as well all anti ageing treatments of the face.

Dr Lylah has a background in surgery and has been an established trained doctor of aesthetics for a number of years. She has been author including first author of several academic publications within medicine and surgery, is a partner in the unique and standalone invention used throughout out the world known as The Paediatric Eazy Sleeper, has integral involvement within charitable organisations that provide medical aid to developing countries within Asia.


Lucja Maslowska grew up in Poland, where she obtained a Masters Degree in education. In the early 2000’s, she decided to move to the USA where she obtained an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Science Study at the premier Swedish Massage Institute of Health and Sciences in New York.
In January 2014 she moved to London and during her five years in the capital, she obtained a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition at London Metropolitan University; and worked at several of the leading spas in the UK.
Lucja has been recognised as a “rare talent,” with healing hands and a unique ability to understand clients’ needs and has designed a bespoke therapy approach to address those needs effectively.



  • Botox
  • Wrinkle Fillers
  • Threading
  • Dermal Fillers

Dr Nima is a fully qualified Dentist and Aesthetic Doctor, but at HB health of Knightsbridge he is fully committed to our aesthetic chronicle! Being a dentist, Dr Nima takes full advantage of his extensive knowledge of the head & neck anatomy and facial muscles. This gives him a great advantage and enables him to achieve extraordinary results with dermal fillers and wrinkle softening.

His personal obsession is perfect lips!


Dr Giovanni is a world renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon and has been featured in numerous press articles and TV Documentaries for his expertise in Cosmetic Surgery and for his pioneering work in developing new and highly innovative techniques.
He is well known for his extraordinary precision and great attention to detail, achieving natural and beautiful looking results.
Dr Giovanni has acquired surgical skills at some of the finest medical centres in London, Rome, Genoa, Paris and Milan.


  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Anti Ageing Treatments
  • Threading ( Non Surgical Facelifts)


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Expertise: Non-surgical aesthetic procedures, facial & neck surgery, Fillers, Botox injections

Dr Ahmed graduated from Imperial College London School of Medicine in 2011, and has been involved in major and complex facial and neck surgeries.

He has developed as keen interest in advanced aesthetic procedures, as well as working with clients visiting our central London clinic to boost their self-esteem with the use of non-surgical aesthetic procedures in Knightsbridge.

Dr Ahmed is also now available for late evening and weekend consultations.

To book Dr Ahmed for a consultation at our Knightsbridge aesthetic clinic, please contact us.

Mr Javad Moayedi MD MRCOphth

Mr Moayedi is a qualified Consultant Oculoplastic Surgeon, specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions in the eye region. His particular interest is eyelid reconstruction, and he performs Blepharoplasty as well as procedures to treat Ectropion and Entropion eyelids. In addition, he performs other cosmetic eye procedures including the removal of moles and skin tags.

Mr Moayedi trained at Linköping University in Sweden and moved to the UK in 2005 to establish an independent practice offering ophthalmic services.

Since 2008 he has helped establish a further three eyecare centres in the South West of England.

Mr Moayedi also holds subspecialty accreditation in Cataract surgery and his system for reducing waiting time for NHS Cataract patients has been implemented at other centres via the Care UK organisation.

He sees patients for the diagnosis and treatment of harmless but unwanted skin lesions and also treats patients with more serious eye conditions such as BCC (Basal Cell Cancer).

Mr Moayedi is a fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and holds membership within both the American and European Societies of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

He maintains a very high success rate, more than 99% of his patients would recommend him for eye surgery.



PGCE, Dip. Hyp. FHS (Emeritus), FRSPH.
Deborah is a Consultant Hypnotherapist working with an international clientele. She is an Emeritus Fellow and Deputy Chair of the Hypnotherapy Society. Since Whole-Being Hypnotherapy began in September 1995, Deborah’s work has featured in the national press, magazines, radio, and television. Deborah is the author of the Mind Detox book and audiotape published by Thorsons, as well as I’m Afraid of Hypnosis, But I Don’t Know Why, and A Consultancy in the Sun! books published by Whole-Being Books.

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Complementary Medicines
Specialisation: Cosmetic Acupuncture (Non surgical facelift using Acupuncture)

Dr Malik is a fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy. Qualifying as a homeopath in 1990 he has worked for almost two decades with Multicultural Communities, both privately as well as within the NHS – in particular in GP Surgeries. A sixth generation practitioner, Dr Malik is involved in research and the practice of Complementary Medicines having also inherited the Art of Diagnosis by pulse responses, which he uses for his patients.

Dr Malik is the first doctor in Europe and the USA to combine Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Herbalism, Nutrition and Aroma Flexology for relaxation, improved circulation, detoxification and general and overall wellbeing.


Specialisms: Zeno Bagdi – Skin Peel, Micropigmentation, Semi Permanent Make Up, Tattoo Removal

Passionate about art and skincare Tatiana worked in the industry of beauty and aesthetics for 20 years. As well as mastering aesthetic and beauty treatments she also become an expert in micro-pigmentation. Tatiana finds much reward in helping clients feel beautiful regardless of what stage of life they’re in, and her aim is to give each of her clients confidence in themselves and their appearance.

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Aesthetician/ Micro-Pigmentation Specialist
Specialisms: Semi Permanent Make Up, Microblading, Tattoo removal
Saira is a highly experienced Aesthetician and Micro-Pigmentation (Semi-Permanent Makeup) Specialist,  with over 10 years experience in the Beauty and Aesthetics industry. Her International portfolio and clientele base has led her to work and train with some of the top skincare lines in the industry, and has worked with some of the industries best Doctors and Aesthetic Technology today. Having worked in her family run Beauty Clinic for many years, Saira knowns all about client care and  providing the very best service from the moment you are with her, you know you are in safe hands. Saira had built a reputation for achieving perfection for her clients and travels the world continuously staying at the forefront of Advanced Skin and Beauty Treatments, to deliver results for her clients.Saira works with the latest Pharmaceutical quality range products, and award winning anti-ageing treatments, to give only the best to her clients.Saira’s main focus is to help people feel good about themselves through improving their appearance and taking care of their health.Saira’s expertise is in Advanced Anti-ageing Treatments for the face and body as well as being a pioneer in Semi-Permanent Makeup and Microblading Brows.


Specialisms: Intradermal Specialist, Gold Facial


Specialisms: HIFU Specialist


Specialisms: Dermopen, Fat Freeze, Acne Treatments, Anti Ageing treatments – Body & Face

I’ve been a beauty therapist since 2006. Originally from Italy I attended one of the most highly recognised beauty schools, the Beauty Centre of Milan. I have extensive experience with beauty treatments, massages to advance beauty and Aesthetic procedures.

I’ve been in London for 7 years, after been working for 5 Star Spa’s such as The Four Seasons, Bulgari Dorchester and VIP clients delivering high standard, bespoke face and body treatments, I developed my skills into problem skins like acne and all procedures for body and face anti-ageing.
My motto is “treat the others as you wish to be treated“.



Aesthetic Practitioner

Samantha  has worked in the Beauty and Medical Aesthetics Industry for over 24 years and is a fully qualified Aesthetic Practitioner. Samantha has returned to us after a short break as the newly appointed Aesthetic Manager and will lead our team of Aesthetic Practitioners.

Medical Advisory Board



Dr. Fouad I. Ghaly’s medical career began in his native Egypt, where he graduated from the University of Alexandria Medical School. His choice to enter the demanding discipline of cardiovascular anesthesiology led him to residencies at several hospitals in Canada and at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland. Dr. Ghaly enjoyed great success at hospitals and medical centers in North Dakota and Washington state before settling in Southern California in 1985. He spent seven years as Medical Director of the Department of Anesthesiology at Long Beach Community Hospital and three years on staff at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.

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Dr Haq is a registered physician with the General Medical Council, UK that is an Associate of Plastic Surgery Associates UK and the London Wellness Centre who currently practices Internal Medicine, Anti-ageing and Wellness Medicine. Dr Haq has had extensive experience from the United States and UK, training under some of the foremost authorities and experts in their fields.



Medical Director, Klentze Institute of Anti-Aging, Munich, Germany.
Director A4M, USA
Secretary General ESAAM, ViennaDr.

Michael Klentze received his medical degree from the University of Munich Medical School and is Board Certified in psychiatry and gynecology. He is Medical Director of Klentze Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine in Munich, Germany. An advisory member of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine for Europe, Dr. Klentze holds membership in the Endocrine Society (USA), the European Committee of Anti-Aging Medicine, the German Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, and the European Menopause Society. He is the author of several scientific articles on aging-related topics including androgens in women, neurosteroids and the aging brain and vitamins and antioxidants.


Visiting Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Krup has over 23 years experience and acts as the medical director of RejuvinAge Medical Institute for Anti-Aging in Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A. She is a member of the American Academy of Anti-ageing Medicine. Dr. Krup has published numerous articles in the field, with special interest in Skin and Women’s Natural Hormonal Balance.

She is a popular lecturer, scheduled to speak September 6-7, 2002 during The Annual Monte Carlo Anti-AgingConference & Exposition. Dr. Krup is a Diplomat of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. The mother of three, Dr. Krup’s eldest daughter is in medical school. She brings to HB Health all the latest advances in Anti-ageing Biomedical Technology and Preventative Medicine for optimal health, longevity and ageless beauty.

Financial Advisory Board



Robert Tchenguiz is co-chairman of Rotch Property Group, the company he founded in 1982. Over the last 20 years, Rotch has become one of the largest and innovative property and finance groups in the UK, owning properties with a value of over £3.5 billion and interests in operating businesses which have significant property assets. These include a substantial interest in Whyte and Mackay as well as the largest freehold ground rent portfolio in the country.

HB Health Legacy

Over the years HB Health have started and supported the careers of clinicians and diagnosticians. We are very glad to have had them as part of the HB Health family.

Dr Hamza

Visiting Doctor

Dr Hamza did his medical studies in Tunisia and then moved to Paris in France to specialise in plastic and cosmetic surgery. From 1988 to 1997, Dr Hamza worked in the greatest Parisian hospitals such as Foch hospital; Henri Mondor and Saint Louis.He is a member of the French Board of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr Hamza’s skills covers all areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery. But he has a predilection for face and breast surgery as well as lipoplasty. He is well renown in Europe and his skills are acknowledged by his French and international peers. He actively participates in seminars and regularly train new surgeons for reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the face and the breast.

Beata Kozac


Beata started with us in 2014 and from then on, we’ve never looked back. Packed with skills and full of enthusiasm, Beata is always ready to treat your skin to perfection, regardless of your skin type or skin problems, she is determined to provide you with the best care. Beata always keeps her smile on and will make sure to never let you down. She is the one that will walk the extra mile for you, so you can be rest assured that you are in the best possible care.

Umay Agadac

Skin Practitioner

Malvina Fraser

Skin Practitioner

Highly regarded as one of London’s top celebrity skincare specialists. Her stellar client list includes Madonna and Yasmin Le Bon, and with more than 30 years experience in the beauty and medical industry, she has a reputation as London’s leading skincare and beauty expert. Having trained at the London Beauty Institute and passing with distinction, further advance qualifications within the industry, coupled with her vast knowledge of medical and beauty treatments, has propelled her into the very top tier of industry leaders to firmly establish her business. In September 2012 Malvina was deeply honoured to be appointed the Beauty Ambassador for Marks & Spencers Beauty worldwide. Malvina opened her first clinic in 1991 and has worked alongside some of London’s leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Suzanne Martin

Aesthetic Artist

Suzanne Martin is a pioneer in the art of micro pigmentation, also known as semi-permanent makeup. Calling on her experience as an international makeup artist she brings unique skills to this field. A thorough consultation is carried out on the day of treatment to ensure that you will get exactly the result you desire. Suzanne will choose colouring to suit your complexion, and design the perfect shape to compliment your face and enhance your natural beauty. Semi-permanent artistry at its very best.

Dr. Alex Bader

Dr Maria Papadoupolis

Dr. Sylvie Bouree