If you are finding it difficult to remove stubborn fat, CoolTech could be an option for you, to help you achieve the body you want. Unlike liposuction, this method of fat freezing is non-invasive and without surgery.

CoolTech is a permanent fat-reducing treatment for the body. The CoolTech technology works by the process of cryolipolysis, in which fat cells are frozen by a controlled cooling system – overall a reduction of fat cells is achieved.

The benefits of CoolTech are the visible result after just one treatment and the fact that it is barely painless and requires no recovery. The effect of the CoolTech technology is clinically proven, based on over 1,000,000 treatments – with a customer satisfaction rate of more than 90%.

Most customers do not need more than 2-3 treatments and many achieve the desired result after just one CoolTech treatment. The distribution of fat cells varies from person to person, so the result is different.

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