If you are suffering from scars, acne scars, or dark pigmented lesions on your skin, DermaRoller is another treatment with minimal side effects. It is an effective solution for darker coloured skin where many laser treatments are not an option.

What makes our DermaRoller treatments different to others is that we use a very powerful formulation of stem cells in conjunction with the treatment.

When combined with Stem Cells, Dermaroller treatments can be extremely effective for skin conditions such as pigmentation.

The treatments allow the stem cell serum to penetrate deep into the skin, which increases positive stimulation of the body-fibroblasts, producing more collagen, elastin and also renewal of the rejuvenation process, resulting fresh and brighter skin.

We also offer the option of DermaRoller + PRP which we like to call DermaBlush. This involves us taking a sample of your own blood before separating the Platelet Rich Plasma cells to use in conjunction with the treatment. It speeds up the healing process and will help you achieve truly outstanding results.

These treatments are also great for; stretch mark removal, anti-ageing and wrinkles, hair loss (regrowth treatment) & hyper-pigmentation.