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Non-surgical solutions for the treatment of hyper-pigmentation.

HB Health of Knightsbridge offers a range of solutions for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Here we detail some of the services we offer, however we do recommend booking in for a free, non-obligatory consultation to discuss the suitability and outcome of any treatment in further detail.

Pigmentation is usually presented in the form of a brown spot or rusty coloured freckles. These pigmentation marks are mainly on the upper part of a man’s body, for example; pigmentation on the face, shoulders, arms and hands.

Pigmentation usually appears in a later stage of our lives and can be a part of our ageing process or it can be a sign of sun damage.

After years of extensive research looking for the best treatment for hyperpigmentation, HB Health of Knightsbridge can proudly say that we can now treat any Pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, age spots or freckles, with a higher success rate than ever before, leaving your skin with a flawless look.

A member of our team of highly experienced professionals will take a complimentary 3D skin scan which will allow us to provide an in-depth analysis of your skin before providing any treatment and support.

Advanced Skin Brightening Facials

Our advanced skin brightening facial is a bespoke clinical treatment that will deep cleanse, hydrate and enliven your skin.

This treatment will improve the appearance of a dull complexion, encourage cell renewal and leave you with a more youthful and radiant glow.

Perfect on its own if you are suffering from a dull complexion, dryness, dark eye circles, premature ageing, mild hyperpigmentation, rough skin, congestion (blackheads and whiteheads) or a breakout.

For moderate or severe hyper pigmentation we suggest combining with another treatment.

iPixel Laser Resurfacing

By using iPixel Non-Ablative laser for skin lightening, we can monitor the depth and strength of the treatment. iPixel laser is the newest form of resurfacing which is gentler and has fewer side effects than CO2 resurfacing or any other ablative laser.

The healing time after iPixel Laser resurfacing varies according to the treatment strength, however generally speaking after a few days (2- 5) your skin will start to heal leaving some crusting on the treated area, this will fade away quite quickly, leaving you with fresh looking skin.

Hollywood Clearlift ®

Based on iPixel and Q-Switch laser technologies, Hollywood ClearLift® was invented to become the most unique and most popular laser treatment. The advanced technology enables us to deliver a fully non-invasive rejuvenation with no downtime whatsoever.

Hollywood ClearLift has a dramatic effect on your skin by treating different aspects of the ageing process, such as wrinkles and sagginess, which will transform your look to a youthful, stunning and glowing one.

The Hollywood ClearLift is suitable for all skin types and textures. It can be applied around the eyes, neck and mouth in a safe and fast way. It is gentle and works extremely well.

Dermamelan Depigmentation Peel

Dermamelan is a complex peeling cream which was compounded by Dr Krulig, a cosmetic surgeon and specialist in skin disorders.

The unique formula of Dermamelan face pigmentation treatment is that it enables us to treat all skin types (including black skin) and to erase the pigmentations’ “memory cells” which will reinsure us long lasting results. Dermamelan pigmentation cream is extremely effective for the following conditions:

  • Melasma – Brown pigmentation on the skin (can be small patches)
  • Chloasma – Brown or dark brown discoloration (usually larger spots on the jewel lines or forehead), usually appear after hormonal changes.
  • Age Spots (Lentigo) or Liver Spots – smaller, brown spots usually on the back of hands and face.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Dermamelan can also improve signs of the ageing process and repair damaged skin, help to balance the skins PH (especially with greasy skin), reduce pore size and helps to suppress spots from appearing.

Being one of the first aesthetic clinics to introduce Dermamelan to UK’s patients, HB Health of Knightsbridge is proud to offer this treatment to keep you safe and to “stretch” the treatment to its full potential, hence our long term results.

DermaRoller & DermaPen for Skin Whitening

If you are suffering from scars, acne scars, or dark pigmented lesions on your skin, DermaRoller or DermaPen is another treatment with minimal side effects. It is an effective solution for darker coloured skin where many laser treatments are not an option.

What makes our DermaRoller & DermaPen treatments different to others is that we use a very powerful formulation of stem cells in conjunction with the treatment.

When combined with Stem Cells, Dermaroller and DermaPen treatments can be extremely effective for skin conditions such as pigmentation.

The treatments allow the stem cell serum to penetrate deep into the skin, which increases positive stimulation of the body-fibroblasts, producing more collagen, elastin and also renewal of the rejuvenation process, resulting fresh and brighter skin.

We also offer the option of DermaRoller or DermaPen + PRP which we like to call DermaBlush. This involves us taking a sample of your own blood before separating the Platelet Rich Plasma cells to use in conjunction with the treatment. It speeds up the healing process and will help you achieve truly outstanding results.

These treatments are also great for; stretch mark removal, anti-ageing and wrinkles, hair loss (regrowth treatment) & hyper-pigmentation.

AFT Skin Lightening

Advanced Fluorescent Technology, also known as AFT is the latest generation of intense pulse light (IPL). However unlike any other IPL, AFT for hyperpigmentation treatments is by far more effective and can treat you faster than ever before.

HB Health of Knightsbridge is proud of our highly professional medical approach towards skin and laser treatments. All of our laser technicians have extensive laser and skin training. We provide in-house and core of knowledge training to ensure a safe and successful treatment every time