Brazilian Butt Lift

In previous years, the ‘hour glass shape’ was a sign of a woman’s ability to reproduce and femininity. Today, the hourglass shape has more of an aesthetic value, and signifies beauty.

Step in the like of Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé who have made it acceptable for women to be shapelier than the images the media were constantly portraying in the age of the ‘supermodel’ era were thin was considered ‘in’.

The likes of the Kardashian sisters have taken the height of the hourglass shape to another level. And hand in hand with the hourglass shape is the need for the perfect ‘butt’.

However, not all women are blessed with a shapely rear end.  This could be due to the natural shape of the woman’s body, ageing or other factors which make it difficult for women to have a curvy butt, no matter how many squats are undertaken in the gym

HB Health Knightsbridge offer a Brazilian Butt Lift treatment that will give you the rear that you want.

The procedure

One of the best ways to create a more shapely rear is to transfer your own body fat to your Buttocks.

Augmenting your buttocks with your own body fat can look very natural and, because fat is your own body’s substance, there is little chance for rejection, making this method safer. This procedure also has the benefit of taking fat from where you don’t want it and depositing where you do. Perfect for those who are looking to take inches off other areas of your body to help achieve the perfect ‘hour glass’ figure. We can harvest fat from the flanks, abdomen, outer legs and the upper and outer buttocks. Transferring fat cells from those areas will give your buttocks a lifted and more curvaceous shape. This layering method will create a smooth, more rounded buttock with no irregularities or dents and give a very natural look.

The fat is removed with a very gentle liposuction that uses a fine cannula to protect live fat cells. The fat particles are then mixed with your own platelet rich plasma and injected back droplet by droplet into the layers of the buttocks through one very small incision on each side. The tiny pearl size fat droplets are deposited throughout the muscle layers so the fat cells will have a good blood supply and best chance of survival.

Fat grafting can be enhanced by using your our Platelets and growth factors from your blood in the form of Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP). This enhances fat cell healing and survival, when it is performed at the same time as Fat Grafting.

Post Procedure

Immediately after the procedure, the buttocks will swell and there will be some bruising, this will then subside within a week or two. There is very little discomfort from fat grafting. It takes at least three months before you can see how much fat actually remains. The liposuction incisions are very small, just big enough to allow the suction cannula to go under the skin and take out the fat that’s needed for transfer. After the procedure, you need to wear a body garment for 4-6 weeks on the liposuctioned area. You can usually go back to work after 7-10 days.