HB Heath is a doctor led clinic and leading specialist of Anti-ageing treatments and hosts of the annual Anti-Ageing Conference, based in the heart of the luxurious Knightsbridge, London.

As a leader in the health care revolution, HB Health is committed to helping individuals enhance the quality of their life, through 21st century medicine and anti-ageing technologies.

We work with clients from the inside out optimising their health; increasing physical and mental performance, then work to perfect the external appearance.

Our Core Mission

Our core mission is to promote optimal health, wellness, and a higher quality of life for people of all ages and races from around the world as well as facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and availability of the latest advances in medical science, bio-technology and health care.

Our clinic provides:

  • Internal and External Anti-ageing
  • Distributors of some of the highest performing antiaging products for both men an women.
  • The highest quality of care for our patients to assist them to be young and healthy from the inside.
  • The focus of internal anti-ageing medicine is on: optimum health and well-being, early detection of silent but preventable disease, preventing and reversing the degenerative conditions associated with ageing, Biological Age Testing, and Natural Bio-identical Hormone Replacement and Balancing (BHRT).
  • External anti-ageing includes: medical aesthetic treatments, holistic therapies, skincare, organic treatments and Medispa. HB Health also provides personally tailored weight management, stress management, and nutrition and exercise programmes.
  • Preventative Medicine and Health Screening

Using advanced diagnostics, we make a thorough evaluation of your current health and lifestyle, examining your genetic and historical inheritance and create a probable map forecasting your future well-being.

Unlike conventional health screening, our aim is to provide a more comprehensive service– a programme that:

  • Tailored to your needs and lifestyle.
  • Personal regular support and follow-up essential in helping you achieve your goals.

These programmes will improve your health, memory and energy levels, allowing you to maintain your current lifestyle in a healthier manner.