Dermamelan is a complex peeling cream which was compounded by Dr Krulig, a cosmetic surgeon and specialist in skin disorders.

The unique formula of Dermamelan face pigmentation treatment is that it enables us to treat all skin types (including black skin) and to erase the pigmentations’ “memory cells” which will reinsure us long lasting results. Dermamelan pigmentation cream is extremely effective for the following conditions:

  • Melasma – Brown pigmentation on the skin (can be small patches)
  • Chloasma – Brown or dark brown discoloration (usually larger spots on the jewel lines or forehead), usually appear after hormonal changes.
  • Age Spots (Lentigo) or Liver Spots – smaller, brown spots usually on the back of hands and face.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Dermamelan can also improve signs of the ageing process and repair damaged skin, help to balance the skins PH (especially with greasy skin), reduce pore size and helps to suppress spots from appearing.

Being one of the first aesthetic clinics to introduce Dermamelan to UK’s patients, HB Health of Knightsbridge is proud to offer this treatment to keep you safe and to “stretch” the treatment to its full potential, hence our long term results.