The G-Shot has been widely studied and proven to provide women with greater sexual satisfaction after treatment. The procedure is quick, simple and painless and it temporarily augments, or enlarges the g-spot with the injection of dermal filler material with results that typically last 6 months.

For women who have difficulty reaching vaginal orgasm or would like to intensify the sensation of orgasm, the G-Shot® may provide an effective solution. The G-Shot® is designed to amplify and enhance the sensitivity of the female G-spot region, which can lead to a more pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience for women.

G Spot Amplification

The G-spot, is characterized the erogenous area of the vagina. G Spot Amplification, is a procedure to help enhance S Spot sensitivity and increase sensations and increase sexual pleasure. G Sport Amplification has been coined as the ‘Lunch time’ procedure due to the speed of the treatment (less than an hour) and the relativity little down time.

The procedure

The procedure starts with the physician locating the G-spot using a specially designed speculum to take measurements. Under local anaesthetic, the G Spot is injected with a synthetically engineered human collagen that creates a marble-sized nub that pushes up against the spot. The result, a larger G-Spot

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