HB Health of Knightsbridge opens the 1st Ever CBD Wellness Centre ; HB Wellness CBD, with its own range of CBD treatments & CBD Wellness packages

We are innovators and pioneers in our field, and our owner/CEO Heather Bird Tchenguiz believes in staying ahead of the game and has introduced a range of her own HB CBD facials, massages and body contouring treatments that contain Organic CBD.
CBD is fast becoming extremely popular due to its perceived health benefits, and on the skin, it is believed the benefits can be even more positive.

Our trained specialists start with a CBD facial exfoliating, CBD facial and then a CBD face mask. While the CBD face mask is absorbing on the face the expert Aesthetician starts to use the latest compressive micro vibration technology of Endosphere to deliver the CBD oil to the body. This body contouring & high tech body massage results in far beyond just relaxation, stress relief & all of the benefits that CBD has to offer….. ALSO lymphatic drainage, releasing water retention, healing cellulite & weight loss. Then following the facial and body contouring then one of our amazing HB team members puts you into the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for cellular regeneration, anti-ageing from the inside out….. you will walk out soaring.

Our HB CBD face and body exfoliator, scented with Wild Orange and Bergamot is the perfect step to help you detox your skin and remove impurities. With extra additives of Bamboo Micro Polish and with Hugo’s Organic Gold CBD, this treatment is the perfect way to help achieve a more softer and glowing complexion. The CBD face and body exfoliator is complimented with the CBD Skin Moisturiser that contains a variety of nutrients and minerals woven together with CBD that can help turn back the hands of time with regular use.

For the body we have CBD Body & Muscle Oil that not only helps to ease any aches and pains but also leaves your skin super supple with its nourishing qualities. The CBD Body & Muscle Oil works great as a massage oil as well as a carrier oil for delivering the CBD oil into the body using high tech compression micro vibration Endosphere body treatment. At HB we have the latest and highest technology in lasers, HIFU, RF & all technologies and we will test how these technologies work with our HB CBD products. Currently we have tested Endosphere and find that our celebrities and clients love it! Including our latest guest Oona Chanel who came in for it while she was in London.

Owner/CEO of HB Health of Knightsbridge Heather Bird Tchenguiz said “I am excited to introduce Organic CBD treatments to the clinic as well as the CBD products themselves. I am a great believer of CBD and its benefits and thus I wanted it included in my clinic as an option for my clients. I also carry Meg Mathew’s MBlend CBD to help those who are suffering from Menopause. We are all unique and I understand that some people do not care for CBD…. perhaps because it is new and not yet understood and there are those people who love it and those who are discovering CBD at HB Health of Knightsbridge”.

Famous singer and actress Mica Paris currently on tour with the Fame musical came in to try our CBD Facial as well as the CBD Muscle oil delivered by the Endosphere compressive micro vibration technology followed by Oxygen chamber and an IV drip of Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Magnesium, etc & then high performing antioxidant Glutathione direct into her bloodstream. Mica Paris said “HB Clinic is the best kept secret in London for keeping up my body maintenance. Heather took it to a whole new level by combining the latest technology devices with a CBD new facial. My skin felt and still feels smooth as silky weeks after. Also, the CBD body contouring works wonders for definition my legs look so much more defined only after one treatment “

Public figure Calum Best also tried the treatment and said “CBD I take orally to help with recovery from repair shoulder surgery and my fitness training, deep sleeping and to stay calm. So I thought I would try the novel idea of taking the CBD topically at HB Health of Knightsbridge and it was amazing! The CBD helped me relax and left my skin glowing.”

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