The LifePlus Medical Screening programme allows us to analyse your current health and identify your disease risk profile, enabling us to create a plan of action that will award you the best quality of life you deserve.
We offer cutting edge diagnostics, treatments and programmes tailor made to suit you. Our aim is to help you understand your body’s needs and give you personal and regular support and follow up essential in helping you achieve your goals.

How does it work?
A Welcome Pack together with a Medical Questionnaire is sent to you for completion prior to your visit.
The screening programme incorporates 2 separate visits with a number of qualified and professional staff. All of your needs and goals are taken into consideration when commencing this programme.

First Visit:Lasting approximately 2½ hours it is spent with the Practice Nurse, Doctor and Nutritionist. A series of diagnostics tests are carried out, including; blood testing, urine and stool tests, a head to toe physical including blood pressure, pulse, lung function and ECG recording. A full medical and nutrition consultation with live blood analysis is also undertaken.

Second Visit: Carried out normally two weeks are the first visit it lasts aproxiamtley 1 hour. With the Doctor and Nutritionist they will discuss all laboratory results and take you through your programme, provide advice and arrange any necessary referrals.

Continued Support: We continually help and support you in every step that you take.

Q Who should consider “LifePlus”?
A. The simple answer is everyone! It is never too early to start, never too late to benefit!

Q Why HB Health?
A We are not just about prevention against disease. Our unrivalled, highly proactive approach in the field of anti-ageing medicine ensures our clients feel re-invigorated physically and mentally.

Under one roof, we offer cutting edge medicine, combined with holistic, cognitive, aesthetic and anti-ageing expertise. The team at HB Health works closely with each client to build your ‘Prescription for Life’.

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