Interactive Hypnotherapy

Interactive Hypnotherapy for:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Stress Management, Wellbeing and balance
  • Weigh loss Hypnotherapy
  • Being more positive
  • Rehearsing for a big day
  • Fast Track Psychotherapy
  • Beauty from within

About the Hypnotherapist Deborah Marshall-Warren

Deborah is a gifted, empathetic, and respected London Hypnotherapist who works with clients from many parts of the world – many of whom fly into London to see her at HB Health of Knightsbridge.

Deborah offers a potent source of nutrition for the min. Blushing, stammering, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, weight loss and eating disorders, insomnia, stress, confidence and stopping smoking, freedom from depression and fears of all kinds.

Whatever is on your wish list, Deborah’s form of interactive hypnotherapy can really shift you towards success and helping in transformative change for you

What is Interactive Hypnotherapy?

Deborah offers interactive hypnotherapy, as opposed to direct suggestion. She says “working interactively has long lasting results. It is more adaptable than direct suggestion, and tackles the ‘root’ causes, not just that surface layer. With interactive hypnosis, you can take the client back to childhood, adolescence, or early adulthood to discover patterns of behaviour and ‘root’ cause scenarios and associations. Deborah can then support you in changing them, within the unconscious, to be a more positive experience.

How does it work?

Interactive hypnotherapy is a therapy that helps you overcome psychological challenges and enhances your life. It encompasses the use of clinical, cognitive, behavioural cognitive, curative and hypno-analysis, in a multi-dimensional way. In the same way that you are multi-dimensional, and adapt to interactions from others, so does interactive hypnotherapy. Each session is tailored to your needs in order to reach the root cause of your issues(s). Deborah invites you to join the increasing number of people who come to Interactive Hypnotherapy because they want something that is ‘positive, constructive, meaningful and specific’