What is it?
Simply, it is the collection and then safe storage of your immune system from your blood.

By the time you reach your 18th birthday, your immune system is usually fully mature and at its strongest. However as you grow older your immune system begins to reduce in effectiveness and can lead to increased vulnerability to either age related illness or can collapse due to viral illnesses or disease such as cancer.

A significant body of science has proven that by collecting cells when they are healthy, they can be stored for long periods of time and in the event of illness returned to a patient to help re-boost the immune system and fight disease ( known as Adoptive Immunotherapy). This form of treatment can be used to treat a wide variety of cancers including lung, skin, prostate, brain, kidney, liver and pancreas, as well as leukaemia’s and chronic viral infections such as HIV/AIDS. Equally they can be used in the elderly to boost their immune system and prevent advanced ageing.

The significant medical evidence is based upon using donated immune systems from someone else (Allogenic), the immune system banking which we operate is from you (Autologous) for you, which recognised leading clinical specialists, report to improve outcomes significantly.

How is it collected?
A sample of healthy blood is collected, just like the normal blood donor system that operates around the world. Your collection is processed and the cells which provide your immune defence system (the white bloods cells) are extracted and separated into a number of different samples. These are cryogenically preserved (deep frozen) at minus 196 degrees and then stored in liquid nitrogen vapour freezers, which are secured and alarmed in three different locations for safety purposes.

Are these stem cells? 
No, but similarly the same technology allows for the collection of Stem Cells from Umbilical cord at birth. The collection is only carried out after the baby has been born and separated from its umbilical cord, so it is perfectly safe and carries no risk at all.

What happens when I need them?
Your immune system cells ( with your prior consent) can be requested by a doctor at any given time to treat various different  illness or re-boost / rebuild your immune system. One of your immune system units is retrieved, leaving the other two still in safe storage. Arrangements are then made for them to be sent to your treating therapist.

Can someone else use them if I want to donate them?
Yes, as long as they are a suitable match for the individual and so tests to match compatibility would be required. The results however may not be as successful as if they were their own.

Who can store their immune system?
Virtually everyone. Because you are storing your immune system just for you, virtually anyone can store as long as they are aged 18 and over. You will need to go through a questionnaire that looks at your lifestyle habits to also see whether your remaining blood sample (Whole Red Blood) might be  suitable for use by the National Blood Bank. This is a great way you can also help to save someone else’s life.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes, we need to make an appointment for you.

What next?
Just contact us and we will make all the arrangement for you  and find a convenient date to come in. You will be asked to bring in a valid form of Photo Identification and we will need to confirm a few details with you before you arrive.

Footnote: The HB Health “Immune System Banking™“ is performed by Lifeforce Immune System Bank plc under their multi location MHRA Blood Establishment Licences. Lifeforce® and Immune System Banking™ are registered trade marks.

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