Intimate Skin Lightening Treatment

Darker-coloured skin is a harmless condition, but if it starts to bother you and make you feel uncomfortable, we have a specialised treatment to correct this.

Vaginal and Anal dark tissue can be caused by ageing, a bacterial infection, hormonal changes, genetic, or can even appear after giving birth. There have also been cases for both women and men in which, after having undergone hair removal in their genital areas, they were left to discover areas of darker pigmentation.

HB Health have highly trained practitioners who perform the intimate skin lightening treatment, with the help of the innovative Deka MonaLisa Touch CO2 laser that guarantees positive and long-lasting cosmetic results.

Am I suitable for treatment?

A consultation will help decide if it is safe for you to undergo the painless, non-surgical treatment. If you are a suitable candidate, the treatment can be performed on the same day.

What is the treatment procedure?

A topical local anaesthetic will be applied to numb the area that needs to be treated and, from there on, the procedure is quite simple. Our specialist uses the revolutionary CO2 fractional laser carefully on the affected areas, stimulating collagen production, brightening and lightening the skin, without leaving any scars. For best results a course of treatments is recommend.

Is there any downtime?

Care must be given to hygienic healing of the area. The recovery period is short and simple, there is no downtime required, however it is important to follow the post procedure recommendations, as it is of great importance to heal properly and achieve the expected cosmetic results.