Looking after your intimate regions is just as important as your outer appearance. Many women have insecurities about the colour of their vagina and areas surrounding the vagina. This could be the consequence of various hair removal techniques or as a result of ageing, hormones imbalances and/or genetics, that has left their intimate regions darker in colour and discoloured.

Needless to say, discoloration around and on the vagina, often makes it difficult for women to get intimate with their loved one’s or they find themselves restricted to the lingerie or swimwear that they would like to wear. These insecurities can now be diminished by vaginal bleaching.

HB Knightsbridge, applies a world level innovative technique of Laser Vulvar Bleaching using a special high technology laser beam. Laser Vaginal Bleaching is a low risk procedure, that can have impressive results

The procedure

Laser Vaginal Bleaching aims to permanently remove darker coloured tissues in the vaginal area, or even in the perineum.

The operation takes place using a latest-generation special laser, on three or more sessions, depending on the case and is usually every session needs 10-15 minutes to be completed. Through the laser usage, the removal of the melanin layer present in the sensitive area becomes possible, and thus the source of the undesirable colouring is treated. The procedure takes place following an appointment and is performed using local anaesthesia.

Post operation 

In the post-operation period, special care should be given to hygienic care of the area, and it is recommended that the first sexual intercourse takes place following 3-4 days after the session.