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As winter time is firmly upon us and the Christmas party season is just around the corner it is time for me to step up my beauty game, to make sure I look the belle of the ball and a great way to do this is to embark on a series of LED Facial treatments with House of Life organic oils, a NEW treatment at HB Health.

LED light has firmly become one of THE facials to have according to key beauty publications and to add, celebrities around the world are posting on Instagram, with their faces simply illuminating, raving on about the benefits of LED. Therefore, in a bid to test out the treatment myself and of course to see what the hype is all about, I gave it a go.

The HB Health LED Facial is truly unique as not only does the treatment involve the mask, but I could add on a facial massage using the organic skincare range of House of Life, as well as a session in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, to truly give me maximum results.

I opted to take the LED Facial with the House of Life, organic skincare massage, as I regularly go into the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, that has truly given me fantastic results, not just on my skin, but my overall health. Not only do I have more energy, but I feel that I am sharper at work and touch wood, I have yet to have the dreaded cold, that creeps up on us all as the weather gets colder.

The LED Treatment

My treatment first began with a relaxing massage with an anti-ageing serum by the brand House of Life.  House of Life is an organic skincare range that has a fantastic ethos to: ‘to enhance your wellbeing with innovative, proven, natural, organic anti-ageing solutions.’  The skincare range offers true, holistic, organic remedies which aim to deliver the highest benefits that are 100% natural, containing only the finest of organic, Ecocert or pharmaceutical graded ingredients that are handpicked and locally sourced. A combination that is right up my street.

The facial massage was truly magically, that not only made my skin feel baby soft, but I was totally relaxed during the whole treatment that lasted around 30 minutes. Once completed, I was then told to lie back and experience the wonders of the LED facial. What I was dying to try!

About the LED Facial

I was told that the magic behind the LED facial at HB Health was that it was from a brand called Aurora, a revolutionary company behind some of the words best anti-ageing equipment.  The Aurora light therapy facial mask uses patented technology that contours and covers the entire facial area in rejuvenating light. The mask uses a combination of 7 colours including infrared to treat a wide range of skin imperfections and signs of ageing.  The treatment is pain free, non-invasive and is completely safe requiring no downtime. Light therapy is medically recognised and clinically proven, with independent studies of over 40yrs of scientific research and support.  This sounded perfect!

How does it work?

The Aurora facial masks uses a special light that is packed full of energy in the form of photons. When the light is shone onto the skin, these photons penetrate the skin and transfer their energy into a form the body can use called ATP. Adenosine triphosphate (or ATP for short) is the body’s fuel for energy; the more energy we have, the more the body can use this energy for proper function – such as repair and rejuvenation processes. Supercharged cells from exposure to the Aurora mask then prompts skin fibroblasts to produce increased collagen and stimulate the body’s natural healing and rejuvenation processes. Certain wavelengths of light offer different benefits to the skin. For example, red light offers anti-ageing effects whilst blue light targets and kills acne bacteria. Perfect for me as I am sensitive to break outs throughout the year!

What benefits does each light offer?

Different colours represent different wavelengths of light. The different wavelengths have

unique properties and can therefore be used to target certain skin conditions.  The Aurora Facial Mask uses a number of different lights to treat a range of conditions. The treatment cycle for the Aurora mask is pre-programmed to approximately 20 minutes.

Quick break down of colours and what its best for

BLUE LIGHT:  Ideal for the following skin conditions: Acne Blemishes, Excess Oil, Irritation, Adult Acne, Teenage Acne, PMS/Hormonal Breakout

What you can expect:

  • Softer and more purified skin
  • Calms the sebaceous glands
  • Minimise oil/sebum production
  • Improve the appearance of acne conditions
  • Promotes healing of acne scars
  • Kills the P. acnes bacteria that causes acne

GREEN LIGHT: Ideal for the following skin concerns: Skin Discolouration, Age Spots. Sun-induced Photo-damaged Pigmentation/ Freckling

What you can expect:

  • Targets pigmentation problems
  • Reduces the production of melanin and pigmentation
  • Fades sun induced pigmentation

ORANGE LIGHT:  Ideal for the following skin concerns: Flushing Appearance, Post Laser, Resurfacing, Chemical Peels, Exfoliation, Microdermabrasion, Botox and Dermal Fillers, Irritation, UV Damaged Skin, Redness on Neck and Chest, Rosacea, Dry Eyes Syndrome, Skin Redness

What you can expect:

  • Improvement in the appearance of facial redness
  • Improved radiance of the skin
  • Improvement in the appearance of skin texture and clarity
  • Skin is calmed and soothed
  • Minimise the appearance of facial blood vessels

RED LIGHT: Ideal for the following skin concerns; UV and Lifestyle, Skin Damage, Moderate to Deep, Visible Wrinkles, Loss of Skin Firmness, Loss of Radiance, Uneven Skin Texture

What you can expect:

  • Improvement in the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles
  • Improved radiance of skin
  • Improvement in facial firmness
  • Improvement in the appearance of skin texture and clarity
  • Improvement in the appearance of
  • inflammatory acne conditions

Treatment results

The results to the treatment was simply put ‘WOW’.  My skin not only was notably more radiant after the treatment, but was super soft on touch.  My complexion was notable more improved and I was told that with repeat treatments, that I will have further results, that I am looking forward to see!